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The Witch of Wales

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Hello dear ones, I will no longer be able to cast due to health problems, I will miss you all.




Autumn has cast two spells for me. They both have worked just as I wished and I am very happy. I would happily recommend her to everyone.

Erin W.


I am so proud and honored when a cherished soul takes the time to write this...

I asked Autumn if I could write a testimonial regarding the work she has done for me in which she agreed. I meditate daily and spell cast for myself occasionally but when things have become somewhat difficult due to health care issues I have searched for spell casters to assit me. I have used quite a few unsuccessfully or what I would call luke warm spell casting. Start out for a moment then fizzle out.  LET ME TELL YOU AUTUMN HAS LITERALLY RECONSTRUCTED MY LIFE. I have worked at my company for 7 years very toxic where I had been blackballed and targeted for awhile. Several weeks after Autumn casting for me I had amazing results and you could feel the energy change receiving engraved gifts with thank you's for my hard work. Recognition for work well done. that is amazing.they do not do that at my company because it is run by fear and greed.  My guy and me were having some very serious health issues between the two of us plus other things that were distroying us. He could only view me as a source of negativity in his life. Autumn casted for me and again in a matter of weeks a complete turn around. He is more respectful and day by day appreciating who I am, laughter and sex have returned . Before her we were bleeding all over the place and did not know how to save ourelves before it was too late. I have Hepatitis C which fatiques you from your liver, she did health casts for me and my level of energy and positivity is just so uplifting is un imaginalble.and these are just a few circumstances that I am sharing, but by no means is covering them all. If your engulfed in positivity, feel protected and been empowered anything is possible in your life. That is what Autumn has done for me. She is genuine. empathatic and empowering on every single level.  The word talented does not even start to scratch the surface for her and her covens spell casting ability. They are top notch.

If you are reading my testimonial at this moment in your life consider yourself special....this means to me that the universe has decided that you need Divine Intervention something positive and powerful in your life,  which is why you found Autumn. Nothing is by accident and I believe that the universe thought it was my time to have someone as talented, special and powerful as Autumn to help me with my life and brought her to me. . Autumn is a miracle in my life and for that I will always be eternally grateful.  Not only for her OUTSTANDING SPELL CASTING SKILLS  but for her humble and gracious attitude, AND her genuine kind and empowering presence in my life. Most of us who go to spellcasters are at vulerable times in our lives  because life is just not working for some reason, and if not careful can attract those who would take advantage of us emotionally, financially, and spirituallly.  Nothing could be further from Autumns mind who I feel integrity could be her middle name. She has never ever made me feel it was about money in fact she probably charges too little. All I can say is thank you Autumn for being who you are.  We are currenly working on my financies and I will keep you updated!! RT in Chicago Illinois..

A lovely testimonial sent to me by a lovely person:
I had never gotten along with my mother. We never saw eye-to-eye on anything, and the battles just kept getting worse between us. By recommendation of a friend, I decided to contact Autumn by email to see if she could help. She responded within 24 hours and gave me a few options to see if any would work.  She enthusiastically knew exactly which tools, herbs, and candles to use. I was also impressed how she knew the right days to conduct the spell. She told me that each day of the week was "good" for something in spellwork. Autumn even told me about the different moons, and what spellwork was good for the many different phases.
A few weeks after Autumn's spell, I noticed a substantial difference between my mother's interaction with me and what it had always been. She and I weren't best friends, but we certainly weren't enemies! We had reached a very happy and comfortable relationship where there was no animosity and we could really understand each other. For the first time in 25 years, we were actually getting along. I had tried everything for my mother and I to get along - therapy, talks with her, read self help books, it goes on and on...I know for a fact that without Autumn's help, this never would have happened.
There was nothing different in the interactions between my mother and myself. I didn't change my behavior towards her and she didn't change her behavior towards me. We just seemed to come to an understanding between us that I know could not exist without Autumn's help. She has been kind, compassionate, and a joy to work with. I know that there are many untrustworthy people out there who claim to know the craft. I have worked with many of them and wished that I didn't for various reasons. Autumn is the first person to do spellwork for me that I can really trust - and I am living proof that her assistance DOES WORK! I would recommend her to people who are new to the craft, as well as those who are experienced or even skeptical. She will work with you and make you feel comfortable, important, and above all, a great friend. I can't thank her enough for all of her help.

More testimonials from my wonderful clients...

Hi Autumn,
i just wanted to thank you again for all of the help you have given me. I will recommend you to all of my friends, you're the greatest!

Autumn, you are a special, gifted lady!
Vielen Dank!
Jonas S.

Simply the best! She really cares about you and takes her magic and what you need very seriously!
Marcia P.
Petaluma Ca

I am proud of my 100% positive rating
I have a 100% positive feedback rating from when I was on ebay, which I decided to leave when people who were selling shirts and guitars all of a sudden became witches!
Here are just a few of the over 200:

Autumn is a wonderful,caring & gifted spellcater. Also a true friend for life

Autumn is wonderful! Great Communication & has a Great heart! A++! Thank You!

This is my third consecutive purchase,Autumn is a very dedicated witch,AMAZING.

Genuine ,VERY gifted and POWERFUL witch,gives you unconditional support,TRY HER.

WOW,speedy ,excellent e.mail support. Good people.Will follow with results

More feedback from clients from this site:

I have been a true believer of Autumn's powers for some time now, and you will be too!- Maryann B.   

Thank you Lady Autumn. You have been nothing but kind to me and have turned my situation around completely. The money spell was a complete success. You really are magical!
Tony P.
Bangor, Maine

You are not only my girl to go to for spells, but you are also my friend.

De herfst is verbazend!
(Autumn is amazing!) : ) Marie

No one else was there for me like you were. I thank you not only for casting a spell that worked for me, but for being a friend to me when I needed it most.
Charlene T. TX

I just want everyone to know how much I appreciate the time and effort that you put into your spells. Not only are you a kind person, you are a very adept witch!

가을은 주문을 던지기를 위해 너를 감사한다 사랑, 김

The Witch of Wales is the best spellcaster that I have ever been to! Her spells work, plus she always is there for you when you need her for advice! I love her!
Roger Bowman
The Witch of Wales is an angel! I love her!
Angela M.
Geen Bay WI

Dear Autumn,
I wanted to write and let you know how much I appreciate the time, effort and caring you have put into the spells I have requested. I am seeing some positive movement in the area of my relationship in a very short time. It is great that you keep me posted as to each spell's progress and I thank you for answering my questions about the spells.
You are a very kind and loving person and I know that it comes back to you ten-fold. You have great talents and I will be sure to request more spells in the future, should I need your guidance in other areas. You really went the extra mile for me!
Orlando, Florida

"We cannot hold a torch to
light another’s path without
brightening our own."
~ Ben Sweetland

Dear Autumn,
He came back to me and we are so happy! Thank you for making my dreams come true! Please let this be one of your testimonials to how good you are!

Autumn, you are one of the few witches that I have met who truly cares!

Lady Autumn, I have to let everyone know how much your spell got me the man of my dreams. Thank you again. You really took the time to tell me what was going on and you are amazing!
Kathy Rosen
Santa Clara, CA

I was so anxious, but Autumn calmed me, and then everything started to happen. She has helped turn my love life around and I am engaged to the man of my dreams! Believe and you will see!
M. Jonkoski, Albany NY

Great service at a great price, what more could you ask for?
Joanne P.

Thank you for all of your help, my husband has come back and we are happier than ever. You truly have a gift!

I love this coven, they are the best!!

Lauren P.
Phoenix, AZ
Autumn, and her coven, especially Deborah, have been wonderful. Autumn is always there for you when you need her!
Sal E.
Raleigh, NC

All spells are confidential. Must be 18 or over for a spell.  I reply in a timely manner, if you don't hear from me within 24 hours, please check all e-mail folders. Communication is key and I keep in contact and let you know how the spells go. All communication is done through online communication. If I am the one to decide to add onto your spell, it will be at no extra charge. All spells include a free obstacle clearing spell done before your spell. Pay securely through paypal, and you can use an e-check or credit card. You can let me know then your situation, or use the contact form or e-mail me, and I will ask any other questions for the situation. Due to the nature of spells, the time and work involved and materials used, as well as what the spirits may want, all spells are non refundable. Spell Guarantee: In the extremely unlikely event that a spell does not work in 60 days (some spells work immediately, some a few weeks or longer depending on the situation) it will be recast once for free.
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Blessed Be